Danny Gildar

A native of Cleveland, Cantor Gildar was the product of American yeshivos he held a cantorial pulpit in Philadelphia for many years, where their home was always open, inviting scores of Jews in search of a closer connection to Judaism. Cantor Gildar was the ultimate shliach tzibur and pianist. His musical agility and his encyclopedic knowledge of music were astounding. While he showed up to concerts with books of written cantorial sheet music, he could play every piece by ear without missing a note. Beyond his achievements in music, he was a role model of how to serve the Ribbono Shel Olam. He showed what it meant to walk humbly with G-d. There was not a concert that he performed at which he didn’t share a story of tzaddikim. He would often chide the chazanim, telling them to focus more on the meaning of the words than the music itself. To Cantor Gildar, being a chazan was not merely about vocal ability.

‘ka Bshofor Rosenblatt חזן דניאל גילדר ע”ה תקע בשופר