Menachem Bristowski

Menachem Bristowski, is a world renowned pianist who has
accompanied the greatest chazzanim for the past 25 years.
As Israel’s foremost cantorial concert pianist he accompanied
the Israel philharmonic orchestra in the largest and most
prestigious concert halls in Israel.
A highly talented musician, his career includes musical
arrangements for Orchestra, Cantor and Choir as well as
numerous Cantorial.
Menachem Bristowski is appreciated for his virtuosity, expertise
and deep understanding of the texts that he accompanies. This
deep connection to the meaning of the Tefilot that he
accompanies has led to his tremendous success both in Israel
and around the world.
There are numerous cantorial discs produced, arranged,
orchestrated and accompanied by Menachem Bristowski.
Menachem teaches solfege in the cantorial school of Petach
Tikva where his expertise and professionalism is invaluable in
promoting the next generation of cantors.
Menachem took part in the sell out concert in the Lincoln Center
in New York and also at the Metropolitan Opera house of New
York together with cantor Helfgot, Yuval and New York
Philharmonic. Once again he was invited to take part in the
grand centennial Cantorial concert in the prestigious Avery
Fisher hall in New York.
Menachem also has frequent performances in various European
capitals including Vienna, Warsaw, London, Frankfurt and
others. He is called regularly to participate in Jewish festivals
where he performs as a soloist as well as cantorial accompanist.
Last year he gave a unique Jewish piano recital in the Krakaw
Jewish Festival attended by Europe wide audiences