Elli Jaffe

vshofar Gadol” by Elli Jaffe

Shir Hamaalot- Rosenblatt- Elli Jaffe

Elli Jaffe

Conductor, Composer, Arranger, Educator


Honorary Foreign Conductor: The Prague Symphony Orchestra

Associate Conductor: The Royal Academy of  Music-London.

Music Director- Heritage series: The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Music Director: “Heritage “ Concerts series , The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra .

Europe-Israel Foundation for the Advancement of  Jewish Liturgical  Music.


Several major orchestras have played under Elli Jaffe’s  baton.

Among them, all major orchestras in Israel , The Israel Philharmonic, Jerusalem Symphony, Israel symphony Rishon Letzion, Israel Chamber orchestra etc.  The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- London, The Baltimore Symphony, The  Liege Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra and other important orchestras in the Check Republic,  The European Philharmonic in France The Barcelona  Orchestra, The Budapest Opera House, Vienna  Chamber Orchestra  The Vienna Radio orchestra (ORF) The Mexican Philharmonic The Bolshoi Theater  Orchestra and others.

Elli Jaffe has  conducted a Gala concert in Mexico with world renowned

soloists such as Shlomo Minz’ Giora Feidman,  Ute Lemper, Denyse Grave (Replacing Jessie Norman in the last minute)  Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson.

On December 2007 Elli Jaffe  conducted concerts  with Ida Haendel to whom he has dedicated his violin concerto.

Elli Jaffe has conducted some very prestigious works such as:

R.Strauss: “Alpine Symphony” Mendelssohn: “Elijah”, Mahler: Symphonies No:

1,2,3,4,5. Verdi: “Othelo” Stravinsky: “The Rite of Spring” “Petrushka”

Wagner: Highlights from the “Ring” , cycle  Walton’s “Belshazzar’s Feast” Zemlinsky “Lyric Symphony” and more.

Jaffe has toured with the Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir round the world in
Prestigious concerts halls  such as the “Mozarteum” in Salzburg. Sidney Opera House and others..

Elli Jaffe, was appointed as Music Director of “Heritage” Concerts series of the
.Jerusalem Symphony orchestra (2001-2002)  and in 2007-2008 directing the same series with The Israel Chamber orchestra.

His sacred music is sung by the greatest Cantors in the world.
His wind quintet was performed by The Israel Philharmonic Quintet to whom it was
Dedicated for . In addition, he has written a string quartet, works for choir, and other
vocal and instrumental works.

His first Symphony “Kaddish” was performed by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under his direction as with the Baltimore Symphony          
In June ,  2005 his new work in Memory of the Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon was premiered. He has also written a violin concerto for Ida Haendel known as “Ode to Ida”.
His new “Light Festive Overture has just been premiered with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra 

Elli Jaffe has just conducted a premiere of his new oratorio Ner Mitzva (A candle of a command) based on the Rabbi from Prague (The Maharal)  which commemorates his 40oth memorial day- in Prague  during the international Sacred Music festival.


In addition to a large number of symphonic arrangements of Jewish Liturgical music
Elli Jaffe is invited to write arrangements for light music of James Bond films and the Beatles.


Artistic Director: Music Department of “Dvir” High School for Art,
and Jerusalem School for Cantorial Art preparing  baccalaureate in Music
and The Central cantorial School in Petach Tikva.

He was invited to give lectures and Master Classes in Israel as  in Europe and the USA
He is now writing a book about the analysis of “The Modes of Prayers” and has published an Encyclopedic 15 CD series of annual Jewish Liturgy for the aspiring Cantor and Ba’al T’filah.

Established Cantorial schools in Jerusalem’ which was invited by the Tel-Aviv Municipality  to open it’s gate there in 1987.
In 2007 Elli Jaffe was appointed director of the Central Cantorial school in Petach Tikva.

Establishing and directing the Cantorial Music Festival in “Lavy” (North of Israel) since 1997. festivals includes concerts, Master class, and lectures.
Master class of “Nussach”, Synagogue Choir conducting and singing, general cantorial approach.

Lectures given in Jerusalem Academy Collage for Girls. In the Cardozo academy for Jewish studies, The orthodox cantors Association in the USA
Lectures in Hanover Musik Hochshule in the European Center of Jewish music.
His lecture which was published in their journal took place during an international congress of Jewish Music. Jaffe also lectured in the Jewish music festival in Krakow, Poland.

In 2019 Elli Jaffe has conducted a festive concert in Prague with Renee Flemimg.

Born in Jerusalem, Elli Jaffe graduated with distinction from the Rubin Academy in
Jerusalem (Artist Diploma).
Received the Earnst Reed Prize for conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in
London, and the Edith de Philip Prize for opera conducting.
Studied under Leonard Bernstein and Igor Markevitch  in several Master Classes in Jerusalem. In 2007 Elli Jaffe was awarded the “Jerusalem Prize” for his contribution to the world of Jewish Music.
In 2006 Elli Jaffe was invited to be conduct the inauguration ceremony of the
New Jewish Center in Munchen.

Since 2007 Elli Jaffe is the music director of the Central School for Cantorial music.  In 2007 Elli Jaffe performed with Ida Handel to which he has dedicated his Violin Concerto. That year, Jaffe toured the United States with the Israel Chamber Orchestra. Jaffe conducted the final concert of the Beethoven International Music Festival in the Check Republic.

In July 2007 Elli Jaffe was elected as Chairman of Board of Directors of the “Ron Shulamit” Music Academy.
In September 2007 Elli Jaffe has returned to the Budapest Opera house
To conduct Mendelsshon ‘s “Elijah” as other programs.

In 2008, Elli Jaffe has celebrated his 10th anniversary as Music Director of Jewish Music festival in the Galilee (“Hallelujah Festival”).
In between Elli has toured the Check Republic.
Elli Has conducted Beethoven 9th Symphony in Prague at “Waldstein” Gardens for the Check Senate. 

That year Elli Jaffe has conducted the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra including an Israeli premiere of Gil Shochat Viola Concerto.
In 2009 Elli Jaffe has conducted a concert in Prague for the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel under the auspices of the Prague municipality and attended by many ambassadors in Prague.

Elli Jaffe has conducted many concerts in Israel for charity and humanitarian purposes such as: Magen David Adom, Shaarey Zedek Medical Center, Meir Panim  and more.

Elli Jaffe is known to encourage young artists who perform with him in Gala Concerts. He is invited to be in the jury of the young artist competition organized by the broadcasting authority and the Jerusalem Music Center.
Elli Jaffe was also invited to be a member of the jury in an international singing competition in the Check Republic.