Shmuel Vigoda

Sim Shalom – Remastered (2021)

Born in Dobrzyń, Poland. Studied with his father and later with Yossele Rosenblatt. Vigoda officiated as cantor in Budapest, and in 1933 immigrated to the US, where he continued in cantorial offices in New York (taking Rosenblatt’s position at the Oheb Zedek synagogue) and in Washington. He is one of the star cantors of the cantors’ “golden age.”

Please listen to the Live Shabbos in Sections – and find the entire Davening link below…

  1. Shacharit – Shochen Ad

2. Ein K’erk’cho

3. Kel Adon

4. V’chulam M’kablim

5. Go’alenu

6. Shacharit Cont. Go’alenu

7. Avot

8. Chazarat Hashatz

9. Kaddish Shalem

10. Hotsa’at Hatorah

11. Sh’ma Yisrael

12. Y’kum Purkan

13. Av Harachamim

14. Avot Musaf