David Presler on Feb. 2nd, 2021

This year, in particular, we have seen the passing of some of our great Hazzanic names and personalities including Danny Gildar, Moshe Taube, Kenneth Koransky, Moshe Feifel along with my father, Rabbi Bernhard Presler, who was a Hazzan in his College years, and a lover of Chazonus all his life. It feels as though the second generation of the Golden Age of Cantors has virtually slipped through our fingers. It is ever more important to preserve this legacy, and to leave a memory as well as a light shining backwards as well as forward, to young Hazzanim and Ba’aley T’fillah, to inspire them as to the giants that led the way as well as provide them with the foundation of great davenings, brilliant voices, and distinguished personalities.

The challenge is to provide inspirational instruction in the Art of Bel Canto as well as guidance in interpretation of whatever text you are singing. Crafting a stage personality from the Bimah is even more challenging. it is the integration of the essence of one’s being with the T’fillah.